Emile below deck - Who Is Emile On 'Below Deck'? Meet The Yacht's Resident Flirt

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Below Deck Cast Salary Per Episode, Net Worth [2021]

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Former 'Below Deck' Stars: Where Are They Now?

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Where is Rocky from Below Deck? Former steward is now living in Hawaii!

What happened to Rocky from 'Below Deck'? Find out where she is now

September, 2020 These requests like no onions or no olives, or food allergies drive the chefs often depicted as tortured artists nuts.

  • Why must everything be so scripted? Her love for the ocean led to her pursuing the field of Yachting.

Below Deck Recap: We've Got Dirty Laundry

Last night, we reported that Below Deck star and chief stew Kate Chastain was arrested read about that here.

  • If you don't remember exactly what happened, here's a little catch-up to remind you: Familiar faces from previous seasons Kate, Ben, and Kelley returned in the high-ranking positions on motor yacht Valor.

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