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Zooming in on Badass Ladies: Interview with Babs Tarr

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Crossplay is more than an erotic comic book—it's also a nuanced story of cosplayers

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Tarr sexy babs Batman 89

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Tarr sexy babs Babs Tarr:

Building a New Batgirl: An Interview with Babs Tarr

Sing us out Christopher Beckett: 3.

  • There was controversy when she became Batgirl again due to taking out a disabled character.

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Look at the stuff I thought was worth showing you guys: Al Milgrom: Prophet of Pop Culture to Come! I'm talking about this specific case because Batgirl has become a center of controversy lately.

  • As I recall, Helena Bertinelli told Dick that Spyral could use its tech to make the world forget what they saw in Forever Evil.